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Twitcha later

Most of you internet-savvy folk are well aware of Twitter. It's gaining popularity each and every day across the world, and I'm slowly becoming more addicted to it.

What's the point of writing long blog entries on here? Who wants to read them? Okay, obviously a lot of people do. This is just not my kind of thing though.

So I've decided to hold off on blogging here for now and just stick with regular daily updates on Twitter.

Go here to get your free Twitter account, then CLICK HERE, and then click FOLLOW to get all of my updates on your Twitter page! Short and easy! See you there!

Why, God, do you do this to me

Dan Federici, organist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, died today.

I can't believe it. Dan had taken a leave to fight off his cancer, and all reports said he was fine. He appeared with Bruce and the band back on March 20th for a surprise appearance at one of their tour stops in Indianapolis. Max Weinberg, drummer of the E Street Band, talked him into it a lunch.

The first death for the E Street Band, alive and well for 35 years. It's crazy and I really want to see Bruce and the band now. He didn't cancel the tour... two shows that were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday have been postponed. It'll be extremely interesting to see what happens on Monday night at their first show since Danny's death. It'd be awesome if the show was just one big tribute to Dan, even if it was an extremely emotional show... I think it's owed to him after all these years.

Their final show for this leg of the tour is in Charlottesville Virginia on April 30th. After that, no shows have been announced for CA once I'm out there. Just some east coast things, although a full tour for that Summer leg is expected. I really wanna go to the VA show because I feel like it'll be my only chance to see them on this tour, and then who knows when they will again. All these recent interviews with the band have said that they think they're better than ever, having the greatest time, etc etc, and then this... damn.

Why, Bruce, do you do this to me

Excuse me while I rant for a minute. This will probably not interest most of you.


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are playing in Anaheim, CA this evening. Tonight and tomorrow night. I'm moving to an area 10 minutes outside of Anaheim, CA on May 22nd.

The great Alex Carpenter is at the concert tonight, and he gave me a called during Radio Nowhere as I requested. Thanks, Alex!

After the call, I go onto Backstreets.com (Springsteen fansite) and check out the forums, where during each concert someone is posting an up-to-the-minute setlist. I look at the setlist, and what did Bruce open with that night right before Radio Nowhere?



The LIGHT greatest OF song DAY of all time written by Springsteen, in my opinion. Especially performed live. Check out this performance of it, which I have watched on the Live in NYC DVD literally COUNTLESS times.


*sigh* I think I could literally explode right now. I'm so happy/excited/jealous I wasn't present. The sad thing was, I was thinking about going to this show.. but missing anymore class wasn't a possibility.

Anyway, I texted Alex to say thanks and tell him how awesome it was that he opened with Light of Day. His reply: "Im blown away."

His first Springsteen show. I'm happy for him.

April Fool's Day

I'm not sure whether or not I'm a fan of April Fool's Day. It's more confusing than anything else. Today, March 31st, there was already some news stories going around the web that were early pranks. Most the I noticed were Apple stories. It's annoying because you don't know what's real and what's not.

So yeah, I guess that means I'm against it. Although we have some fun stuff for MuggleNet and MuggleCast planned, so look forward to that :)
I took the plunge, went to a brand new Apple store that just opened today, and replaced my phone for a small charge. Not too bad... plus I bought a new case so it feels like a whole new thing.

I'm going to take extremely good care of it this time. It will never receive one little scratch.

On the other hand, I was a little sad to see the old one go. It's been through a lot with me - trips to London, trips to California, a trip to the Harry Potter set, a trip to the Twilight set. That cute little thing saw a lot over the past 8 months and I miss it dearly already.

Thank you, SimPhone (yes that was its name in iTunes)... you will forever be remembered in pictures.


Revealing my brand new iPhone to Pickle Pack - July 2007.

Oh iPhone, how you failed me

The unthinkable happened Tuesday evening.

I was walking into the gym, minding my own business, about to take out my Rowan ID to check in, and the phone slips out of my towel.

Now, mind you, this is not the first time the iPhone has taken a 4 - 5 foot fall. It's fallen on streets, on carpets, on hardwood floors, just everything.

Tuesday though, I drop it its regular 4 - 5 foot drop, pick it up, take it upstairs, and wake it up. There I see it. At first I thought it was a hair or something stuck on. But no. Upon further investigation, it was a 3 inch crack running vertically up the right side of the phone.

My gym workout carried on as usual, but I'm extremely angry. Everything works fine, it's just that its value suddenly dropped by 100000%.

I'm not sure what to do yet... I still have to talk to Mikey about it. Chances are I'm gonna have to shell out some big bucks if I wanna replace it. Which I'll probably have to do if I ever wanna sell it.

*sigh* :(

MuggleCast double/triple headers

After doing this for close to three years now, we've gotten into the same once-a-week schedule. We start planning Sunday, record Thursday, release Saturday or Sunday. Rinse, lather, repeat.

That's why I always find it exciting when we have weeks like these, where there's a "breaking" news story. We hosted the live show Thursday night, released it on the feed about 2 hours after it ended, and everyone was happy. This is, of course, the same week we were scheduled to have Jim Dale on, so we still have to come through with that as planned.

So that's one night hosting the (extremely successful) live show, one night recording a regular MuggleCast, and one night recording the Jim Dale interview. TRIPLE HEADER BABY! It's nice and refreshing to mix it up for a week and record differently, knowing people are really excited for what you're doing.

I'd really like to make it to Episode 150 before we end weekly releases in late April/early May, but that's definitely not going to happen unless we do a few extra shows. Hmmm

Gym success

The 4-nights-a-week streak at the gym is continuing and I'm seeing results all around. 2 weeks ago I started weighing myself and clocked in at a modest 175. Last week I went down to 170 and thought it may be typical fluctuating, but today I clocked in at 168. Good stuff!

So what am I doing? Eating less, for one. A couple years ago I stopped snacking at night (mainly cutting out my daily bowl of ice cream), and that started a trend of losing the chubby face, etc. Now I eat two meals a day (1 in the early after noon, 1 at least an hour before the gym), and never eat after the gym at night.

I also burn around 340 calories for 30 minutes on the elliptical (I keep track on my iPhone). Not to mention the 7 - 8 machines I use after that, doing at least 3 reps on each.

So it's paying off, and I'm eager to see if it continues. What's everyone else's success stories?

And sorry if this post is written poorly... I'm watching Conan so I'm severely distracted.

Dear CNN: I Love You.

Ah yes, another primary night on CNN. They pride themselves on having "the best political team on television," and I agree wholeheartedly. Reasons why:

1) The smooth flow of conversation. Throughout the entire evening, the crews behind the scenes are using steadicams to glide across their huge set, talking to different groups of analysts from all different backgrounds.

2) The hosts. Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Lou Dobbs, and most importantly... Anderson Cooper. Sometimes I get a little fed up with King and Blitzer, but Cooper owns the floor. Just the way they all work the floor, going from area to area, as the steadicams follow them around.

3) That board. That fancy pants iPhone-like flat screen television that CNN host John King controls with his hands is amazing. They spend a lot of time in front of that screen, zooming in from county to county, analyzing the numbers down the very last vote. I LOVE IT ALL!

If you haven't watched their coverage yet, on big nights like these... do watch them. They keep it moving quick and half the fun (for me at least) comes from watching the camera work... it's the best.

In other news, I applied and was accepted to Fullerton Community College today. The plan right now is to go there for just one year because it's cheap and I can get some courses that I need out of the way. Then after that I'll transfer to CSU Fullerton and BOOM, done. Tomorrow I get to experience the guilty pleasure of asking Rowan to send them my transcript. Muahahahaha

So that U23D movie

Tonight I finally got around to seeing U23D with my Dad and Brother. It was really awesome and I enjoyed every second of it. The 3D experience was pulled off so well and makes it a fun film to watch even if you're not a U2 fan (but who isn't?).

Everything is also so crisp and clear since it's a digital movie. You can see every little thing on stage. Some of the highlights of the 3D were Larry's drumset in action, Adam's bass, Bono workin' the camera, and the crowd shots. You really felt immersed in the film during the whole show.

Everyone probably knows that my top U2 song (at least on their Vertigo tour) is Vertigo, and while it was really cool... Bono wasn't as into it as he is in some of performances, like my all time favorite EXPLOSIVE PERFORMANCE right here.

I think the two best songs were Love and Peace and Sunday Bloody Sunday. They had some shots in those two songs that were SO awesome. One in particular where Larry is out in the crowd drumming, Bono is on center stage, and they're both staring at each other sort of "competing" for cool-ness while performing... I couldn't help but laugh cause it was so badass and entertaining.

So go and see it, okay? My writing in this post is terrible. It's 2:30 AM.

The Good: It's U2. In 3D.
The Bad: Come on Bono, you're filming a 3D movie, tear up Vertigo like never before.


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